Our story

Born in California by Two Swedish Sisters

Being two college students back in 2015, having energy bars in our backpack was as essential as carrying books. Instant energy, yummy and convenient. But finding nutrient-dense bars without additives and refined sugar was hard, so we took matters into our own hands and started experimenting in our kitchen. The result was highly nutritious superfood bars with nothing to hide. We now no longer had to compromise our health for convenience and we felt better both mentally and physcially.

One sunny day at one of the endless beaches in California, a vision for what soon became Earth Bite was born. Holding the surfboard in one hand and our homemade snack bars in the other, we told ourselves: "One day we will share our bars with the rest of the world and when people take a bite, they're going to feel what we're feeling now - healthy good vibes!".

That day is here and you are holding it in your hand.
It's not just an energy bar, it's a vibe.



Body, Mind & Vibe

We believe in holistic health, which means that the health of the body and mind are highly intertwined. There is no such thing as a healthy body if the mind is stressed and vice versa. That is why we created a snack that is not only nourishing for your body but also your mind. When your mind and body feel good - now that is a good vibe!

We do this by using ingredients with a high nutritional profile, filled with essential macro and micronutrients. Fibers, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and most importantly: lots of love. 

Locally Produced in Sweden

Without a healthy planet, there would be no healthy humans. Therefore we produce our products locally in Sweden to minimize our footprint as much as we can. We produce our bars using only 100% whole, vegan, organic, and gluten-free ingredients free from additives and preservatives. We also only use essential ingredients for our bars to be as whole and nutrient-dense as possible. 

Good for you and our world.

Much Love 💚
Ani & Alice

Btw! If you're more curious about foods that supercharge your mind, you should check out Alice's new brand MIND AVENUE. A collection of adaptogenic mushroom blends for stress, anxiety, focus and resilience. Both of us drink these mushrooms every day.